Layered Apple Cake

As tasty and "instagramable" this recipe is, it was a little hard to photograph and make its deliciousness leap off of the page. I use my iPhone for every picture I take and I'm starting to think it't time for a little upgrade soon. The iPhone takes great pictures and you definitely don't need some crazy expensive camera to start your own blog or creative Instagram page BUT there is something to be said about the effects, depth, and detail an actual camera gives to photos, especially food photos.


For now, the iPhone is it so back to the recipe!

The classic combo of apples and peanut butter never gets old, but there's nothing wrong with making it a little better. This recipe is simple and even less of a recipe and more of just an idea. I just cored an apple and put some lemon juice on the slices so that they wouldn't brown. Next, I spread some peanut butter and I broke up a granola bar that I bought from a local coffee shop to top onto each slice. One by one I then stacked the slices and that was it!

This is a great healthy snack to make kids excited about eating fruit and even something they can help make in the kitchen. But really, all ages can get excited about this snack just look at it! I hope you give it a try and definitely have a few napkins with you as well!