Maple Sweet Potato Hummus

Maple Sweet Potato Hummus

Whenever I make hummus it just doesn't turn out well or else I would have an entire page dedicated to hummus recipes. I think it's because I don't like dumping a ton of oil into any recipe and traditional hummus has quite a bit of oil. HOWEVER! This recipe completely surprised me with a delicious taste and texture. I owe it all to the sweet potato and maple syrup.


Chickpeas, 15 oz. can rinsed

Steamed sweet potato, 1 packed cup (about 1 large or two small sweet potatoes)

Cinnamon, 1/4 tsp

Pumpkin spice, 1/4 tsp

Cloves, two dashes

Maple Syrup, 2 to 3 tbsp.

Lemon, juice from 1/2 a lemon

Salt, 1/2 tsp

Toasted walnuts, enough to garnish

Sweet potato chips, garnish (optional; recipe below)


1. Skin and steam the sweet potato in the microwave until tender and then dice.

2. In a blender, add all of the ingredients and blend.

3. Add a splash or two of water if it is not blending well.

4. Garnish and enjoy with crackers or on toast.

Sweet Potato Chips Recipe:

This chip recipe has no specific quantity of sweet potatoes needed. Make as much as you'd like!

1. Pre-heat oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Skin the outside of the entire raw sweet potato.

3. Using a peeler, peel the entire skinned sweet potato into strips.

4. Place the strips into a bowl and lightly spray with cooking oil.

5. Toss them with salt and a dash of cinnamon.

6. Place them on a baking sheet (make sure they do not overlap)

7. Bake for 4-6 minutes, but check at 4 minutes to make sure they are not over cooking.

8. Enjoy by themselves and/or use to garnish the hummus